Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Anonymous Good Samaritan reached out to family in need...

A Greene County family is warm thanks to a good Samaritan who braved sub-zero temperatures to split some wood.
A local man, who chose to remain nameless, responded to a plea on Facebook that a family was in need.
Jeanette Walker, with the Greene County Middle Way House, said the woman had originally called to get help from the Salvation Army.
"I got a call from a girl. She said she had two little ones under the age of five. She was calling for Salvation Army help and I knew they didn't have any funds for this. I asked her if I could put it on Facebook, and I put out a plea for help," Walker recalled.
She said it was not long after the plea she got a reply on Facebook asking if the need had been met -- which it had not yet.
Within an hour, Walker said she received a message that the family was warm.
"She (the woman) called me back, and she said he brought a whole rick of firewood and they had enough to last a while. She said, 'We are warm and toasty and I can feel my feet again'," Walker recalled.
The good Samaritan said it was through the help of another local man and by the grace of God he was able to donate the means for warmth.
"It's not me. I'm just trying to do the right thing. I let the good Lord lead me," the good Samaritan said.
He added as soon as he saw the information, he made a call to a friend with some wood to be split.
"I fired up his wood splitter and delivered it to her," he explained. "The good Lord tells us that we should look out for everyone. It doesn't matter if we know them or not -- when he gives me the urgings, I need to be obedient and help."
The good Samaritan said he had a chance to speak with a resident of the home as they unloaded the wood, and expressed his thankfulness for the quick response.
Walker later posted on Facebook her appreciation for the good Samaritan, and noted living in a small community has its perks.
"I'm just really grateful that so many people reached out to her. They didn't ask for details about who it was or how much money she makes. All they wanted to know was how they can help get heat to this family. I think that is definitely a testament to our community," Walker said.