Friday, March 8, 2013

A little dancing to "Run Around Sue" for this 88 year old grandma ...

This granny certainly knows how to make an exit.
In a video posted on YouTube Wednesday, Nana, an 88-year-old grandma, dances her way out the door and down the steps to an awaiting car.
Her granddaughter films the adorable scene from the vehicle as Nana grooves her way down the steps, showing off her signature moves.
While other dancing grandmothers have swayed to more modern tunes, Nana sticks to the classics.
Her choice of song? Dion's 1961 pop sensation "Runaround Sue," of course.
"That's a good song. Put it on again," she requests, before giving an encore performance.
As the tune dies down, Nana explains: "I could dance all f***ing day."