Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dog "Lucy" hit by car limps to find help for badly her badly injured owner and then returns to his side until ambulance arrives.

A dog, injured after she and her owner were hit by a car in Dorchester, limped to a nearby dentist’s office barking for help and then returned to the side of her owner, refusing to leave him even as he was put into an ambulance, according to local veterinarians.
The dog’s owner, John Miles, suffered two broken legs, a broken arm and 15 facial fractures and is recovering at a local rehabilitation center, officials said. Miles’ son’s eight-year-old beagle-mix Lucy suffered a torn ligament in her rear right leg.
Miles and Lucy were going for their daily walk when they were both struck by a speeding car while crossing Neponset Avenue on Nov. 25 a short distance from their home, according to the MPSCA Angell Animal Medical Center, which cited information from Boston Police.
When authorities responded to the scene, Miles was nearly unconscious and had no identification with him, officials said. Police used the address and phone number printed on Lucy’s ID tags to locate Miles’ family.
Miles’ daughter-in-law, Caitlin, rushed Lucy to Angell’s emergency and critical care unit in Jamaica Plain where veterinarians gave the dog pain medicine and took X-rays that showed Lucy would need surgery to fix her leg.

“This is obviously a terribly sad and worrying time for our family – with my father-in-law facing surgery and months of rehab and our much-loved dog, a hero to all of us, also requiring extensive veterinary care,” Caitlin said, according to the animal care center. “We’ll do whatever it takes to get her well, of course, as she is everything to us.”
After surgery Lucy may also require physical therapy and ongoing treatment.
“Lucy reminds us all of the important role animals play in our lives,” said veterinarian Meghan Sullivan. “She’s a true hero to John and her family and to all of us. We won’t rest until she’s back to her active self, enjoying long walks with her family once again.”

Unable to bear weight on her injured leg Lucy naps before her surgery at Angell Animal Medical Center.