Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mom and daughter rescued by anonymous good samaritan

U.S. Border Patrol mechanic rescued a woman and her toddler after the woman lost control of her car and went into a canal near Interstate 8 and Bowker Road on Wednesday morning.

Willie Sandoval said his wife was driving south on Bowker Road when she lost control of her car and veered into the canal. She managed to get on top of the submerged car with her 2-year-old daughter.

A Border Patrol mechanic, as yet unidentified, was driving on Bowker Road when he saw the car nearly submerged in the canal.

He realized that the woman and child “appeared to be in distress and in need of urgent assistance,” El Centro Sector Supervisory Border Patrol Agent Fabian Morales said.

“Our employee immediately stopped his vehicle, and he managed to get them off the roof of the vehicle and to the canal bank safely,” Morales said. 

Both the woman and her daughter went to their El Centro home and expected to go to the hospital later, Sandoval said. Neither appeared to suffer major injuries.

The California Highway Patrol as well as Imperial Irrigation District personnel and hazardous materials team also responded to the scene.