Sunday, February 24, 2013

Fisherman jumps into freezing waters to save stranded dog...

A brave fisherman jumped into the Siberian sea to save a dog which got stranded on a floating ice floe in freezing temperatures.
The black dog was seen shivering on a block of ice in waters off Magadan Port, Siberia, in the Okhotsk Sea in snowy weather.
The Russian fisherman jumped into the water, which can drop to temperatures of -24C in winter, to save the terrified pooch.
Video footage shows the dog floating around 20ft away from the nearest boat in the port, which is covered in a thick blanket of snow. It is unclear how it originally got stuck on the ice originally.

When the dog is spotted, the fishermen can be heard shouting in Russian as the dog barks once to the sailors.The rescuer clambers down the side of the boat, into the cold water and swims out towards the raft of ice supporting the animal.
His colleagues look on from the side of the ship as he struggles over to the unfortunate canine.
The man drags the dog back towards the ship and he is attached to a winch operated by fellow fishermen. The dog appears either to be frozen stuck to the ice or to be reluctant to board the ship with the stranger.
Once lifted to safety the dog joins two huskies on the shore and can be seen scampering away unfazed by its wintery voyage.