Thursday, May 29, 2014

NFL star takes kids from children's hospital on a helicopter the Indy 500.

It didn't involve a Hail Mary pass -- it was just good luck.
Good Andrew Luck, that is. The Indianapolis Colts quarterback dropped in on the Indianapolis 500 on Sunday, via helicopter, with two companions: MaKenzi Rooksberry, 11, and Johliel Austin, 14, both of whom attended on behalf of the Riley Hospital for Children.
According to the Indianapolis Star, Luck also took the two kids for a lap in the pace car, telling the paper afterwards the experience was "a lot of fun."
The helicopter ride was particularly significant for MaKenzi, as the exact same chopper airlifted her to the hospital in 2013, after a traumatic sledding accident left her fighting for her life.
"A year ago we didn’t know if she was going to make it," MaKenzi's mom, Toni, recalled to the hospital's blog. The hospital adds the 11-year-old is now doing much better. reports Johliel was selected for the ride to represent "Change the Play," a fitness and nutrition program Luck developed with the hospital.