Thursday, May 22, 2014

Bus driver stops bus full of passengers to comfort young girl on side of road...

A bus driver in Sweden made an unexpected stop on a roadside last week. But, instead of picking up a passenger, the driver hopped out of the vehicle.
As riders looked on, the intercity bus driver, who was identified in Swedish-language reports as André Grandin, knelt down on the ground and comforted a young girl who was crying. After a few moments, Grandin reportedly returned to the bus and drove on without a word.
A passenger on the bus, Emma Gustaffsson, managed to capture a photo of the heartwarming scene.
Local media later caught up with Grandin to learn the story behind the bus driver's unexpected stop. According to BBC News, some of the 10-year-old's peers had upset her. When Grandin spotted the young girl crouched on the side of the road, he stopped to bus to check if she was injured.
However small, Grandin's act of compassion went a long way. Over the weekend, the photo was widely circulated on social media, with many users calling Grandin a hero for his kind deed.