Sunday, May 18, 2014

17 year old teen's Arm Reattached After Pasta Accident...

A boy who lost his right arm in a work accident has regained some movement after reattachment surgeries at Massachusetts General Hospital.
17-year-old Brett Bouchard was flown to the hospital from upstate New York last month, following an accident at Violi’s Restaurant in Massena on the Canadian border. Bouchard had been cleaning a pasta machine when his arm got caught and severed at the elbow.
Now the teen is “feeling great every day” after four surgeries reconnecting several nerves, bones and blood vessels, WCVB-TV reports:
"There's not much feeling in it right now. But nerves grow one millimeter a day and eventually I will have feeling," said Bouchard.
But first there will be more surgeries to transfer new muscles to his hand.
"We hope he will have a nice supple hand," said Cetrulo. With muscle replacement, he can move the tendons and we think he'll do very well."
You can help donate money to the Bouchard family via this YouCaring site.