Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Teacher finds $11,000 in cash on the road - and returns it to its rightful owner.

If a bag of cash fell in front of you, what would you do? For one good Samaritan in South Carolina the answer was simple: turn it in.
Sherry Whitesides was driving with her 12-year-old son Alan when she noticed a bank bag fly off of an SUV in front of her, WCCB reported. The fourth grade teacher stopped her car and the two hopped out to investigate. They picked up handfuls of $100 bills -- 114 of them, according to WBTV.
The bag of money amounted to more than $11,000. While Alan was already planning what they could buy with their lucky find, Whitesides had other ideas. Though the two snapped a photo to commemorate the experience, Whitesides promptly drove to a local police station and handed over all of the cash.
"I didn’t even think for a minute about keeping it. I knew if it were mine, I would want somebody to return it," Whitesides told The Charlotte Observer.
Clover police were later able to track down the owner of the sum based on paperwork in the bank bag in order to return the $11,400.
Police Chief Randy Grice told WBTV he was surprised that Whitesides turned in the money. After all, the cash would have been untraceable.
But, for the elementary school teacher, setting an example for her son was more important.
"My whole purpose in doing this was to show my son the money was not ours,” Whitesides told Good Morning America. "When you find stuff like this, the right thing to do is give it back."