Friday, April 18, 2014

8 year old shows knows how to share...

Now, this is true sportsmanship.
Video of 8-year-old Brendan at a Los Angeles Dodgers vs Team Australia game at Sydney Cricket Ground in late March has been making the rounds on the Internet -- and for good reason.
When a security guard handed Brendan a foul baseball, another child nearby began throwing a tantrum because he wasn't the one to receive the ball, reported. Brendan responded to the awkward situation with remarkable maturity and generosity: He simply gave up the ball to the other kid.
The kind gesture quickly calmed the agitated boy, and it officially made Brendan the sweetest 8-year-old around.

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"My son has a lot of empathy, he just naturally handed the ball to the other kid," Brendan's father told the Australian outlet. "It was really rewarding as a parent, we are very proud of Brendan, it was lovely."