Saturday, March 15, 2014

Tampa Bay Lightning hockey players one up "Ellen" - take selfie after cutting hair for the Pediatric Cancer Foundation

The Tampa Bay Lightning see your Oscar celebrity selfie, Ellen, and they raise you their bald selfie.
A bunch of the Lightning players got a buzz cut on Wednesday all in the name of charity. They shaved their heads to benefit the Pediatric Cancer Foundation and then to show off their new hair-dos, they took the selfie.
OK, so it's more like a groupie than a selfie (thanks for ruining that one, Ellen) but you get the point.
Ryan Malone is the Bradley Cooper of this photo, the one taking the photo in the front with the massive smile. Radko Gudas above Malone's left shoulder looks as menacing as ever. The looks from top to bottom are great, even better knowing they got buzzed in the name of a worthy cause.
Rookie defenseman Mark Barbeiro was also in on the fun and for him it had been a long while since he got his hair chopped. That meant he could do two good deeds with one cut; support the Pediatric Cancer Foundation and donate his hair to Locks of Love. From the Tampa Bay Times:
Barberio's hair also was donated to Locks of Love, an organization that uses donated hair to create hair prosthetics for children who have lost their hair for any medical reason. The minimum length of hair needed to make a donation is 10 inches. Barberio said that was his length.
"A lot lighter," was how Barberio described how he felt after his hair was cut. "It's two years of my life without cutting my hair, to buzz it off in one shot was a little nervous," Barberio said. "But to do it for a good cause it's great."
Even Lightning CEO Tod Leiweke got in on the action, though not the selfie.
It won't catch Ellen's tweet in terms of its viral spread but as far as we're concerned it's superior.