Monday, February 3, 2014

Woman postpones her wedding to help her ailing mother by donating part of her liver to her...

A WOMAN postponed her wedding just so she could donate part of her liver to her ailing mother, major Chinese dailies reported.
Liu Xiao Na, 29, from Urumqi in Xinjiang, China, found out that her mother – who had been suffering from liver cirrhosis since October last year – had kept her ailment secret from her. The mother did not want Liu to be worried during her wedding.
Liu told her fiance – whom she had been dating for 13 years – that she couldn’t go ahead with the wedding as long as her mother was not well.
The man graciously supported her wish and told her they would marry after the surgery.
Both mother and daughter went through an 11-hour surgery last Tuesday and were reportedly recovering well.

Liu said her mother’s health was the greatest New Year gift for her.