Monday, February 24, 2014

84 year old Tinney Davidson - a/k/a the "waving neighbor"

In today's edition of the "Good Stuff,"  we see proof that the smallest gesture can have the biggest impact. CNN's Chris Cuomo reports.
Tinney Davidson, 84, and her husband moved into their Ontario, Canada, home in 2007.  Little did they know, it was on the way to a school.
Each day, the kids would walk to and from school, and each day, Tinney and her husband would wave at them.
"I love it," she says. "And they seem to like it also. So it's been a fun few years."
When Tinney's husband passed on a few years ago, she continued the tradition.
Recently, the students at the school were so touched by her waving day after day, year after year, the entire school recently held an assembly in her honor.
They presented her with a Valentines Day gift and  a special video presentation, and of course, plenty of hugs.