Friday, January 17, 2014

Peter Pan a/k/a Sandor Sturbl, changes his lines and pops a fairy tale proposal in the middle of a performance...

Planning to pop the question? Well, you might want to re-think that Bruno Mars-backed flash mob. First of all, haven't we seen enough of those? And second, this guy just topped any of the ideas you came up with in your first brainstorm session.
Sandor Sturbl, a 28-year-old man from the Netherlands, plays Peter Pan in the musical version of the classic tale. His girlfriend, Lily-Jane Young, is opposite him as the female lead, Wendy.
Well, right about the time in their performance when they were supposed to kiss as characters, Sturbl had other plans. The show was being performed in Glasgow, Young's hometown, and Sturbl could imagine no place better to ask her to be his wife.
He addressed the audience, explained how he had a good reason for interrupting the performance they all paid good money to see, and then delighted them with a fairy tale proposal. And, of course, Young couldn't help but say yes.