Friday, January 10, 2014

"Drive Change" - A fresh start food truck that employs and trains young people that have recently been released from prison...

Honk honk, there’s a food truck coming through! But not just any restaurant on wheels - this one offers delicious food with a side of social justice. Drive Change is a new Brooklyn-based social initiative that is building a fleet of food trucks to train and employ young people (16 -25) who have recently been released from prison.  Youth incarceration can be a traumatic experience and follows most folks their whole lives, making it difficult to start fresh and often even harder to find employment. To ease the transition, Drive Change’s eight-month program gives participants a salary, hands-on experience, and transferable skills that can open the doors to new opportunities.
After a successful campaign on Indiegogo, Drive Change is proud to introduce their first food truck – Snowday. The delectable menu features locally-sourced maple syrup in all its offerings, and the food truck serves as a sweet catalyst for a new beginning. Sounds delicious!