Thursday, January 30, 2014

24 year old Keenia Williams is praised once again for her latest round of freeway heroism...

PINOLE, Calif. — 
A 24-year-old Vallejo woman was being hailed for her bravery once again after pulling a driver from an overturned vehicle on I-80 Wednesday morning, her second live-saving intervention during a freeway accident in just over two years.
Keenia Williams is a single mother who describes herself as Christian woman. She attends church both in Vallejo and in San Francisco.
After her latest round of heroics Wednesday, Williams told KTVU a higher power is influencing her actions. 
"I must be a real angel to many people. I don't even really know," said Williams.
Williams said she was driving home to Vallejo on Interstate 80 near Pinole at about 8:30 a.m. Wednesday morning when she had to slam on her brakes.
Two vehicles crashed into each other right in front of her. Williams said she could see that one car was driven by a woman. 
"The truck hit her. She started to put her brakes on, but then a car hit her and sent her backwards," Williams described. "Her car then hit the wall and overturned."
Williams said she jumped out of her car and ran toward the overturned vehicle.
"The woman, she was bleeding a lot from her head and she was stuck," Williams remembered.
She was able to loosen the driver's seat belt enough to allow her to reach in and pull the woman out from the smoking vehicle.
CHP arrived on scene and thanked Williams for helping.
"The officer was like, 'What made you do that?' I'm like, 'Well, it's not the first time that I saved somebody,'" said Williams.
It was back on October 19, 2011, when Williams was driving with her young daughter on Highway 101 in San Francisco when she pulled up to an accident.  A big rig had crashed and burst into flames.
At that accident, Williams got out of her car, jumped over a stream of leaking fuel and pulled the unconscious big-rig driver to safety.
Williams said faith played a role back in 2011 and in the recent crash.
"That's my God, my Father up there," said Williams. "He's telling me this must be my calling."
Williams was honored by both the city of San Francisco and CHP after her life-saving action on Highway 101 in 2011. There was no word so far if she'd be similarly honored in the wake of her latest heroics.