Tuesday, January 21, 2014

23 year old Good Samaritan Brian DiCarlo returns lost $40,000 to delight of 71 year old Sharon Davis who was using the funds to buy a home...

A Portland woman in the process of buying a home is cheering for a good Samaritan who found -- and returned – an envelope she lost that contained $2,000 in cash and a check for $38,000.
"I can't believe my good fortune," said Sharon Davis, 71. "What a good and amazing man."
Lt. Robert Wurpes, Clackamas County Sheriff's Office spokesman, said Davis was shopping at the Safeway market at Southeast 122nd Avenue and Sunnyside Road in the Clackamas area Friday, carrying the envelope and some paperwork for a home she is buying.
However, Davis, 71, apparently lost the envelope somewhere in the Safeway parking lot. She didn't realize the envelope was missing until she returned to her car after grabbing a cup of coffee at Starbucks.
"The envelope had apparently slipped out from under her arm," Wurpes said.
Frantic, Davis began searching the area, asking shop clerks if anyone had turned in the envelope. She also called the sheriff's office.
Meanwhile, Brian DiCarlo, 23, of Clackamas had found the envelope in the parking lot. He saw the cash inside and called 911 to report his unusual find. He handed over the envelope and its contents to a sheriff's deputy responding to the call.
Working from the paperwork in the envelope, the deputy was able to locate Davis -- who was still frantically searching the Safeway parking lot -- and returned the missing money and papers.
DiCarlo could be reached for comment.
Wurpes had his own kind words for DiCarlo, calling him "pretty amazing."