Wednesday, January 1, 2014

12 year old whiz kid Rohan Agrawal builds his own robots...

Watch out Silicon Valley, there's a new whiz kid in town. He's not even old enough to get his driver's license, but Rohan Agrawal is already making big waves in the tech community.
According to Mashable, not only did the 12-year-old teach himself how to program, but he also builds his own robots. Expressing an interest in HTML at a young age, Agrawal had already made his own website by age 5. He recently took his talents toOLogic, a company in Sunnyvale, Calif. that specializes in the building of robots, where he unsurprisingly impressed as an stand-out intern.
"He [Agrawal] knows more than most Ph.D. students," said Ted Larson, CEO of OLogic, describing how Agrawal created a mechanism that could distribute potato chips . "I was totally shocked... He did that just within a week of being here." Watch in the video above.