Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas comes early for 6 year old Christopher Kiezek who asked Santa for a new arm...

NEWS UPDATE: Less than 24 hours after the Fox 5 story aired asking viewers to help raise money to get Christopher Kiezek a prosthetic arm, the family's gofundme page has raised more than $40,000. The goal was $25,000.
Christopher's uncle Bobby, a longtime family friend,contacted Fox 5 Wednesday asking us to be Santa's elves and assist in Christopher's wish for Christmas this year. On a recent trip to see Santa he asked for an Xboxand fingers to play with it.
Christopher's parents have insurance, but their insurance company wouldn't cover the cost, saying the arm wasn't necessary to Christopher's life.
So uncle bobby and people who saw the story stepped in. And now Christopher's wish will soon come true.
Anything over the $25,000 will go to help other kids like Christopher.
Uncle Bobby is now starting a non-profit organization in Christopher's name.
Right now it's still unclear if Christopher will get his new arm by Christmas. His parents say they will tell him Santa got him his arm because they say the outpouring from so many people was pretty magical.
ORIGINAL REPORT: Christopher Kiezek, 6, loves riding his bike in his driveway near his home in East Northport, Long Island. And like any 6-year-old he is proud of his new skill. He also likes fishing especially when he catches one.
Christopher was born without part of his left arm. On a recent visit to see Santa Claus, Christopher whispered a secret wish: he wanted an Xbox One and fingers to play with it.
Robert Jackson, a family friend, was so moved he started fundraising. He hopes to raise $25,000 by Christmas. That's what it will cost to buy Christopher a prosthetic arm.
Insurance does not cover Christopher's prosthetic hand because it is not deemed medically necessary to his life. His parents both have jobs and make too much money to qualify for financial assistance to buy one.
Once Christopher heard people wanted to help him he immediately took his Christmas wish back. He does not attention being paid to his disability. But his mom said he just wants to look like all the other little boys his age.