Monday, October 28, 2013

U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer Aaron Wright surprises his family and gets a surprise of his own...

It was a morning of tears, hugs and more tears.
A local member of the military surprised everyone in his family after coming home almost a month early from serving overseas.
Aaron Wright lives in South Bend and is a Chief Petty Officer for the U.S. Navy.
He was deployed to Bahrain in February and has spent the past eight months doing operational support.
He kept his homecoming a secret from his family so he could surprise them in person, but he quickly found out that he too would get a surprise of his own.
WSBT was the only television station there.
Thursday started at Memorial Hospital in South Bend where Aaron Wright's wife Kris is a nurse.
People gathered in a hallway with balloons, signs and American flags.
Kris ran into her husband's arms as soon as she saw him.
Kris got the day off and headed out with her husband to surprise their children.
The first stop was at their son's school.
Ryne Wright says, "I don't even know what I was thinking. It was amazing."
Then, it was a short drive to their daughter Claire's school.
Claire says, "When he stood up, I was like yeah I get my football buddy back."
After a big family hug, the Wrights, for the first time in eight months, went home together.
Their home is where Kris turned the tables on her husband and gave him a surprise.
Kris says, "We had a new floor put in in the house and had some chores done, our foyer painted and moved his office to the front of the house."
After walking around to see the changes, there was one more reunion left.
The family's dog ran in and threw itself at Aaron's feet.
Aaron said the whole thing was perfect.
Aaron says, 'It was surreal. It was a long time coming, and it's unbelievable just to be home and to be able to see their faces and to be able to touch them for once instead of just seeing them over FaceTime or Skype."
Kris says, "I was, you know, flabbergasted and so relieved that he was here and safe."
Aaron is done with his deployment and is home for good.
He will return to Notre Dame to work full-time in the Office of Information Technology.

Aaron wants to take some time off before going back to his drill and reserve status.