Wednesday, September 25, 2013

23 year old tap dancer Evan Ruggiero shows Ellen he still has the moves despite losing a leg to cancer...

Evan Ruggiero lost his right leg to bone cancer in 2010. He'd been studying musical theatre -- singing, acting, and tap-dancing -- at Montclair State University in New Jersey when he had to have it amputated.
Before the surgery, the Star-Ledger reported, Ruggiero, who was 19 at the time, had a message for doctors: "I promised you I'm going to tap-dance again."
He's come through on that promise.
On Friday -- three years after the amputation -- Ruggiero appeared on 'The Ellen Show' to show the country just how well his recovery has gone.
Now 22, he dances on a metal post that his prosthetics craftsman made him.
And when he finished his performance, Ellen had a big (OK, HUGE) surprise for him.
"I know the whole situation prolonged college, and that was expensive" Ellen said, "So our friends at Shutterfly want to help."
Then, a $10,000 check came out.
Ruggiero will undoubtedly continue to inspire people -- those with disabilities and without -- to follow their dreams. Because he faced his challenge and came out on top.
"I'm a more beautiful dancer now," Ruggiero told the Star-Ledger this past April. "I dance for life."