Saturday, August 31, 2013

102 year old Dorothy Custer celebrates her birthday by jumping off a bridge...

Dorothy Custer is my hero. I mean it. She's 102 years old, and she's not afraid of anything. How do I know this? Because I watched her tandem BASE-jump off an Idaho bridge to celebrate her 102 years on Earth.
Custer, of Twin Falls, Idaho, just keeps coming up with ways to top herself. Last year, for her 101st birthday, she ziplined across Idaho's Snake River Canyon. She had planned to skydive for this year's big day, but that didn't work out. She told, "I was thinking of going to jump out of a plane, but then I found out it was too much. So then I said, 'Forget it! I'll just have a very calm birthday.'" Don't you just love her idea of calm? I know I do.
Custer said she won't allow her age to limit her. "I just went on living and having a good time and doing what was necessary," she said. "I don't think of age right now."
If you think Custer looks familiar but you can't quite place her face, here's why. She has made multiple appearances on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno," cracking jokes, flirting with Leno, and even playing the harmonica.
We can't wait to see what fantastic adventures her 103rd birthday, on May 30, 2014, will bring Custer's way. We can only hope that there is video of whatever she does so that we can share it with you all.