Saturday, July 27, 2013

Mystery men pick up the tab for 500 free coffees at Tim Horton's Coffee for the second time in a week...

For the second time in Alberta this week, a man has walked into Tim Hortons and slapped down cash for the equivalent of 500 large coffees for other customers.
First it was in Edmonton on Monday, and today it was in Calgary at the Crowfoot Tim Hortons in the city's northwest.
The mystery donor gave the store almost $900 to hand out free coffees to those behind him in line.
Crowfoot Crossing manager Kelli Urquhart said the man had heard about someone buying coffees for people in Edmonton and wanted to pay it forward.
"We've been through so much here with the floods and everything else, and he just wanted to get some good spirits going here in Calgary," she said.
"I had just heard this morning about the Edmonton one and I thought that was amazing, but then to have someone come into this store and do it here — again, it just blew me away."
Urquhart said the man wanted to remain anonymous.