Wednesday, June 26, 2013

"Sugar Heaven" candy company, a business victim of the Boston Marathon tragedy, pays it forward...

When Sugar Heaven was closed for nearly two weeks after the Boston Marathon bombings, a caring stranger donated $8,000 to help owner David Sapers get his Boylston Street business back on its feet.
Now, Sapers is paying it forward to the first responders who showed such courage on that awful day in April.
Tomorrow and Friday, the first 320 police officers, firefighters and EMTs who come to Sugar Heaven will receive a $25 gift certificate.
“I decided to use the money for this,” Sapers said. “It was money that was meant to help people. Now, it’s my turn to help out. We’re celebrating their bravery.”
The April 15 bombings killed three people and injured more than 260 people.
Like many other Back Bay businesses, Sugar Heaven was closed for 11 days after the bombings, costing Sapers an estimated $40,000 to $50,000 in lost products and sales.
Sapers said he will never forget the stranger who donated the $8,000 after he was interviewed by local media. And he’ll never forget the men and women who rushed in to help those who couldn’t help themselves after the twin blasts went off only feet from Sugar Heaven.
People outside sought shelter in the store that day, Sapers said, and he and his manager rushed them out the back door to safety.
One woman came in covered in blood and collapsed on the floor, he said, and EMTs came and took her to the hospital.
“A lot of people were helping other people,” Sapers said. “That’s the amazing thing.”