Saturday, June 8, 2013

Chair purchased at a garage sale for $5 could be worth up to $150,000!

LITTLETON, CO (KUSA/CNN) – An old chair purchased for $5 at a garage sale turns out to be worth thousands, and it was sitting at an antique store.
Carie Mueller, a manager of the Herman Miller Workplace Resources office in Denver confirms what a Littleton, CO couple believed – that a chair they purchased at a yard sale was built by the legendary furniture designed.
Sarah Keepers and her husband James Hull collect and sell knick-knacks under the name Shabby Chic. One customer to the store wanted to purchase the chair as a video game chair.
"It's been sitting in our garage for a year [and] we decided to clean out the garage we almost donated it to Goodwill," Keepers said.
Herman Miller never made chairs himself, but bankrolled his son J.D. Dupree who began the furniture company. Dupree hired Chuck and Rae Eams to help win a military contract in the 1940s and to make light weight leg splints. Through the contract, they were able to bend plywood, where they began making the infamous chair.
Chairs like this one have gone for anywhere from $14,000 to $150,000, taking it from trash to treasure.