Monday, May 27, 2013

"Calle's Big Show" - a special night of dancing brought out the sparkle in the eye and energy inside of Caroline "Calle" Cronk a young 5 year old who is battling brain cancer.

Caroline "Calle" Cronk (Right)
For a young Norwell girl with brain cancer, a special night of dancing brought out the sparkle in her eye and the energy inside.
Caroline “Calle” Cronk, 5, who in December was diagnosed with diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma, an inoperable tumor in the brainstem, took the stage Tuesday, blowing kisses and sticking out her tongue.
“It was just perfect,” said Michelle Hayes, Calle’s dance teacher.
Hayes was worried Calle might not be able to take part in a recital scheduled for late June, and decided to have one sooner. She called friends and strangers. The music director at Scituate High got her the school’s stage.
And after a whirlwind six days of planning, Calle, joined by the rest of her kindergarten dance class and some of Hayes’ other dancers, took the stage for “Calle’s Big Show.”
“It was incredible,” said Calle’s mother, Rachel.
Though Calle has been having trouble walking, the recital was “a good day” for her and she was able to dance, her mother said.
“Calle loved it,” her mother said. “It was nice to have a simple night based around her.”
For the finale, Calle bopped and sang along to a medley by Taylor Swift — her favorite singer.
“All of a sudden, even though I knew she was tired, she just rallied,” Hayes said. “She just lit up.”
“She just danced it up and had a good time,” Calle’s mom said.
“I want them to keep that memory of her,” Hayes said. “I really wanted them to have that moment.”
On June 7, there will be an auction at Granite Links Golf Club in Quincy, with proceeds going to help Calle.