Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dale Maybury of Westford gave a call to an old friend Steve Chamberland about his nephew Jeff Bauman that had been severely injured at the Boston Marathon - he was overwhelmed with the response...

“You can say I am going to give up and sit in a wheelchair the rest of my life, or you can choose to go on,” said Posie Mansfield who has been tapped to help some of those injured at the Marathon, who has returned to skiing, kayaking, and even surfing since her amputation. “There are lots and lots of people out there to help and wonderful science and technology to give you the best possible life you can have.”
That’s the message Steve Chamberland brings to new amputees. He lost his right leg in a motorcycle accident in Lowell in 1999, and said it can help patients early in their recovery to meet someone like him, burly — he had pursued a career with World Wrestling Entertainment, as a one-legged wrestler — with a full life.
“If I wore jeans, you’d never know I had a prosthetic leg,” the 41-year-old said.
Chamberland, who runs a nonprofit called 50 Legs that helps amputees buy prosthetics, received a call from an old friend earlier this week. Dale Maybury of Westford had just learned his nephew, Jeff Bauman, lost both legs in the Marathon blasts.
Maybury told Chamberland that Bauman, a 27-year-old who worked at Costco, had plans to go back to school, and had no health insurance. Chamberland responded: “Don’t worry. I’ll buy his legs.”
“I’m a pretty rugged guy,” Maybury said Wednesday by phone, but he cried when he received Chamberland’s message.
“I was just so overwhelmed.”

Steve Chamberland has since stated that he will try to be there to help support anyone he can that was injured in the April 15th Boston Marathon.