Monday, April 29, 2013

5 year old boy genius Gus Dorman is inducted into Mensa, the International High IQ Society, with an IQ of 147!

Gus Dorman may just be one of the world's smartest 5-year-olds.
According to St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the boy genius has been inducted into the world's preeminent smart club, Mensa, after scoring a very impressive 147 on a recent IQ test.
“He started reading when he was 18-months-old,” said Gus' dad, Rob. “He was sitting on the porta-potty reading a newspaper. I noticed that he liked to look at maps so I put one up. In about a week's time, he had memorized everything on it. He's just always been very clever.”
While his fellow kindergartners work on perfecting their ABCs and learning to count, 5-year-old Gus, who lives in Colinsville, Ill., with his family, is reading books like "Charlotte's Web," doing multiplication in his head, memorizing the periodic table and learning more about things like black holes and astrophysics from his parents.
Gus' dad also said that his son is so bright that the youngster even challenges hisknowledge sometimes.
“He got into an argument with me because I told him that the capital of Alaska is Anchorage,” he told ABC News. “But it’s not, it’s Juneau.”
Though being gifted with superior intelligence has its advantages, Gus' relatives admit that there are challenges, too.
“He's so far advanced, he is bored and he gets into trouble,” Gus' dad told the Post-Dispatch about his son's kindergarten experience. “He thinks he's a bad kid but he just needs to be challenged.”
The Dormans added that they are pushing the Collinsville School District to provide Gus, and other kids like him, with specialized education.
While Gus' story is undoubtedly spectacular, the boy isn't the only child aged 5 or younger who has wowed the world with his cleverness. Earlier this year, 3-year-old Sherwyn Sarabi made headlines after he was inducted into Mensa with an IQ score of 136. As the Atlantic Wire points out, there are also a number of Mensa members who are under the age of 3.
Still, young geniuses are without question a relatively rare breed. According to American Mensa's website, there are about 2,800 members under the age of 18 in the United States, out of 57,000 total members in the country.