Friday, March 29, 2013

Childs play: Grown man dresses up to recreate cute baby photos.

It can get annoying when your friends overload Facebook with photos of their babies, so the folks behind the blog My Precious Roommate took matters into their own hands, re-enacting baby photos using a grown man in place of an adorable infant.
The site features a few hundred photos of actor Mick Bleyer in full-on baby mode, sucking pacifiers, wearing bibs and even sticking his foot in his mouth. Bleyer and roommate Molly Thomas got the idea back in June 2011 after seeing a friend's photograph of a newborn in a laundry basket.
Bleyer models his poses on photos of babies he and Thomas collect from friends.
"We joked offhandedly that he should strip and I should take pictures of him in my laundry basket," Thomas, who is also an actor, told
"Then we realized what an exciting idea that was. Mick literally stripped — I covered my eyes — got in my laundry basket, which we perched on top of his desk…an hour later we had a blog."
Since then, Thomas and Bleyer have collected pictures of babies from friends and a few outside submissions ("If you really dig, you'll see one or two are me as a baby," Thomas admitted), and then photographed Bleyer in hilarious reenactments, complete with the necessary props and outfits.
"Half the fun for us has been creating props out of construction paper and things around the house," Thomas, who has been living with Bleyer for six and a half years, said. "We did have to buy adult diapers."
"My Precious Roommate" has picked up quite a few fans since its inception, although the blog has also attracted some unexpected attention. "I think a porn site reposted some of our pics," Thomas said. "That was certainly not our intent, but I guess everyone's into different stuff."
But for Thomas, who is in her 30s, the project has served as a way to compare her own life with those of her friends who have children.
"The whole truth is I grew up thinking I'd be married with kids at my age. I think this blog is a way of comparing the life I thought I'd have at this point and the life I actually have (which I love) and how different they are and how silly it all is," she said. "I think my subconscious finally made sense of it all when I saw the baby in that basket."