Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Carl Donner an underground train announcer at London's Victoria Station brings smiles to commuters faces...

Carl Downer is a train announcer at the London Underground's Victoria Station intent on sharing "positive vibes" with commuters.
Downer, who was born in Jamaica, has spent the last six years cheering up strangers with encouraging phrases about Rastafarianism and positivity.

Vice spoke with Victoria Station's most popular announcer:
"I try my best, know what I mean? If I can make someone's day better, I do that. We make each other's day a better day. You smile, I smile, the whole world smile, you know? That's the way you have to do it, man. I feel happy when people smile because of me. You know why? With the economy nowadays, you don't know what people are going through, and if they can take their mind off all the things going on in their personal life, in their job life, that one moment of happiness can make a big difference. I like to see people happy, man – seriously," Downer told the magazine.
When asked if people respond to his "vibes," Downer answered:
"Every day, man, every day. It's all about having good manners for people. When you give respect, you get respect back. No matter where the person comes from or who the person be, once you show some respect, you get it back. Big up the people here, man. I love the customers that come through here. I'll tell you something, darling — without all these Underground customers here, right, we wouldn't have a job. So this is my way to say — all you beautiful customers who use Victoria station, big respect and thank you a lot. Peace and love, Rasta bless, you're the best. "