Friday, January 25, 2013

Watch as this child cancer patient becomes a supermodel for a day. "Don't dwell on the bad things. Think on the positive, and always be happy," 10 year old Briana Vega said.

MIAMI (WSVN/FOX) - A little girl battling cancer had her dream fulfilled when she got all dolled up and became a supermodel for a day. Briana Vega got all dolled up for the Multiple Sclerosis Society of South Florida's gala fashion show. Designer Rene Ruiz chose the 10-year-old because he was touched by her positive attitude while going through childhood cancer. "When I saw her at the Miami's Children's Gala, I said, ‘What can I do to make this girl's life special?'" Ruiz said. "She has such an incredible personality. Everything that she has gone through makes you fall in love with her." This past year has been tough on Briana and her family. She was diagnosed with leukemia last February. But the day of the fashion show was different. She strutted down the catwalk to the cheers of hundreds of people. "I just feel really lucky," Vega said. "I'm glad to do something fun before I go to the hospital. It was so awesome. Everyone was cheering for me, so it's like you're famous." She eventually had to come back to reality and is now at Miami Children's Hospital for treatment. She faces more chemo, but in true model behavior she is only focusing on the good stuff. "Don't dwell on the bad things. Think on the positive, and always be happy," Briana said.