Wednesday, January 16, 2013

This groom sings his wedding toast to his bride and family bringing many to tears and laughter as it quickly goes viral on the internet

With the proper tools, time, and a little help from friends and family, any bride from the most laid back to the most OCD, can plan the wedding of her dreams up to the most minute detail.  However, there are a few things that are out of the bride’s control: the weather and the speeches that are made on the big day.  The speeches come in many forms, each one more daunting than the next; from the pastor’s blessing to the MOH and best man’s speech, and finally, the groom’s thank you toast, you just never know what is going to come out of people’s mouths.  Will it be charming?  Will it be funny?  Or will it be embarrassing or inappropriate?
Luckily for the bride in the video above, her groom, Tom Fletcher, the lead singer of British band McFly, has the perfect combination of charisma, wit, and talent to make his thank you speech one of the highlights of the night.  Check out the video above, which has quickly gone viral, in which Fletcher opts to put his musical talents to good use and sing his wedding speech.  While he did go a little long, he gets his point across, all the while making the crowd laugh and cry.  Two of my favorite parts are around minute 7:00, when he thanks his “mum and dad” (so sweet), and finally around 11:40 when the children’s choir joins in and Fletcher focuses his attention and lyrics on his new wife.
It looks like musician Tom Fletcher has set the bar high as far as the groom’s speech goes.  I’m sure any bride-to-be is hoping her future hubby goes through the same lengths Fletcher did to make the big day a memorable one.