Friday, January 25, 2013

These lottery winners look at the big picture as they give back to a small town

Last year, Mark and Cindy Hill made a pledge as they received their portion of the largest Powerball jackpot in history. "For some reason, (God) put it in our hands, I think, to make sure that it goes to the right things," Hill said at a November press conference, standing near a $293,750,000 check. Instead of living large, the Dearborn, Mo., couple will improve Mark's hometown of Camden Point. Tentatively, they'll help move the downtown firehouse to the site of the town's baseball field. To protect kids playing, the field will go further from the highway. "This is just out of the kindness of their heart," Fire Chief Walt Stubbs told KMBC. "That's just the kind of people they are anyway. They were that way before the money came." Impressed residents say the couple, who reportedly keep a low profile, already donated money to improve a faulty wastewater system and bolster the scholarship fund at North Platte High School. "People kind of take out for themselves and don't look at the big picture," said Ellen Reynolds, who lives in Camden Point. "They're definitely looking at the big picture for a small town and it's kind of nice." If the project had been completed with taxes alone, KMBC reported, it would've taken a quarter of a century.