Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Coca-Cola's new ad campaign "Let's Go Crazy" featuring random acts of kindness...

Giving out $1,000 to strangers is a bit bananas. But that’s the exact level of crazy Coke sought out to feature in its campaign promoting random acts of kindness.
The company’s latest ad from its “Let’s Go Crazy” campaign follows around a real-life do-gooder who high-fives each person she passes and another man who builds swings across San Francisco because “we forget to laugh as we grow older.”
The ad also shows a man doling out $1,000 to complete strangers who can’t stop smiling and the “Secret Gardener” in Cape Town who plants trees in the middle of the night in places that are need of some cheering up.
“People call me ‘crazy’ and ‘weird’ and ‘strange,’" she said in her video profile. “But it’s cool. I like it.”
(Huffington Post)