Monday, December 31, 2012

One of the hottest new contemporary artists...some of her paintings sell for over $20,000 - by the way, she's only 5!

Aelita Andre, a 5-year-old art prodigy, has already held two solo art shows at a New York City gallery. Some of her paintings go for more than $12,000! Read her amazing story.

While most 5-year-olds are using finger paints and watercolors, Aelita Andre already has two art shows and more than $200,000 in earnings under her belt. In her most recent art show, Aelita showed 22 paintings, priced from $5,000 to $12,900!
So how does a 5-year-old become a bona fide abstract artist?
She is from Melbourne, Australia, where she still lives with her mom Nikka and her dad Michael. Michael actually took notice of his daughter’s talents when she would crawl onto his canvases as an infant and start to paint. Nikka also took notice.
“Sometimes, even as a little kid, she was painting for about one hour, one-and-a-half hours, she would walk off, then come back again,” Nikka said, according to OK! magazine. “Usually kids paint for two or three minutes, and they have had enough, they run off, but not Aelita.”
Her styles have been compared to abstract artist Jackson Pollock. “Aelita’s new works communicate a sense of excitement, encouraging the audience to tap into her own innter child,”Angela Di Bello, director of the Agora Gallery where Aelita’s shows were held, told OK!
Aelita has her own words for her artwork.
“My paintings look like space and they’re not real,” she told the magazine. She also said she uses, ” unicorns, dragons, fairies, ponies, oceans, sand, planets, and space.”
So far, she has earned an estimated $200,000. Her parents have put most of that money in a trust fund for Aelita.